Fashion Tips For The Guys



-For the Guys-

Pack Your Bags!

Cowboy hats, your favorite kicks, beanies, sunglasses, even fake mustaches…accessorizing can add tons of color and style to your photos. Bring anything that highlights your personality or that you can just have fun with. Belts are a great way to add some flair and are important for guys because they show in your photos, so make sure you bring at least one.





Should you or shouldn’t you? Most guys opt for a casual look for their entire senior picture session, but dressing up in a suit and tie can be a really nice look and will add variety.  And it makes Mom oh so happy to see her son dressed to the nines:)





Jackets are a quick and easy way to add a different look to your senior picture session. Hoodies and letter jackets work great. but don’t be afraid to get creative. We are totally crushing on the formal blazer with the casual jeans or trendy vest with a white T and jeans.






We know how you boys are with your toys… guitars, skis, and automobiles. You love them, we love them- so bring them in. Make sure to bring in a more styley outfit with your guitar or saxophone- think old rock t-shirt or bring in a vest with some hot red converse shoes.  Some of our clients like to bring in funky headphones, sheet music, or even their own turn table. 

If you’re bringing in your skis or snowboard, go all out and bring your stylish jacket, hat, and goggles too! We love all the fun, bright colors that those pieces incorporate.

If you love that car of yours, whether its a muddy jeep that you take to the mountains, or a bright red Porsche, it’s your baby and you should have it in your photos.



Just because its summer doesn’t mean you have to only wear t-shirts. Change up your look by bringing fall and winter clothes too. For more variety, bring at least two long sleeved shirts to your session. You won’t regret having a few different looks to spice up your photos. Don’t be afraid to bring in a t-shirt with a pattern. Plaids and stripes are an instant classic, but don’t be shy- bring in your favorite graphic tee!




Definitely bring your letter jacket, jersey, uniform, or even a trophy or award. We love taking photos of whatever represents all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into your sport.






If you need a hair cut, try to do it at least 3-7 days before your session so that it has a chance to settle and not look freshly cut. And don’t forget to come to your session with your hair already done, that way we can jump right in!


Bring a couple pairs that go with all the different outfits you plan on bringing. We don’t want you in a suit and flip flops! 


Don’t freak out if you break out before your session. That’s what retouching is for, and at Becky Beckingham Photography, our ‘Just Right Retouch’ is ALWAYS included.

Other Fun Stuff

Hey Mom, most of this stuff he’ll already have, but check out what he’s planning to bring before he gets here, just in case you’re not in love with all those old wrinkled t-shirts. Send him with as much variety as possible and we’ll make sure he wears all the good stuff for you! 

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