Fashion Tips For The Girls

Fashion Tips
Let the vision glam squad show you how it’s done!
This is the page for you if you are looking for fashion, inspiration and tips! Don’t forget, when it comes to your session, the most important thing to do is be yourself!


Textures & Prints

Incorporating different textures and patterns is a fabulous way to create more variety in your outfits and create interest in your senior photos. Textures we love: lace, crochet, sequins, leather, and ruffles. Prints we love: floral, stripes, plaid, and tribal. Major style points if you can mix a texture with a print! If you’re not quite ready for that adventure you can always mix a print or texture with a great pair of jeans or a solid color



Statement necklaces, hippie headbands, shades, neon belts, and fedoras- OH MY! We just LOVE accessories over here at Vision. They add color, style, and personality to your senior pictures. The right accessory can really transform your look into a “wow”!  We all know how crafty you girls can be, but if you’re looking for affordable trends Forever 21 and Target are your stores!



A good outfit can become GREAT with a little layering, and there are tons of options! Jackets, blazers, cardigans, and scarves are a great way to give your outfit a little oomph! Whether you choose to bring a classic pea coat, edgy leather jacket, or a delicate scarf, you won’t be sad that you have options and these accessories work great for outdoor portrait photography!




Are you known amongst your friend as the sporty one, rocker chick, or ultimate shredder of the slopes? If the answer is yes, you should definitely bring your jersey, guitar, snow board, or anything else that represents the hard work you put into your passions. (Even if it’s your horse!) We have literally seen it all, so please don’t be afraid to go all out! 


Dresses & Skirts

Dresses are so fun and flirty! And our favorite part- they bring out your personality in your photos. Dresses and skirts that clinch at the waist are most flattering. We’re also loving the low-hi trend because you can show off those cute boots!  Take it a step further and bring in your prom or homecoming dress. We’re sure mom and dad would be thrilled that the $300 they spent on yours is being put to good use!



Are you obsessed with them? Well, we are! In addition to a nice, comfortable pair you don’t mind walking around outside in, be sure to bring a few options that show off your sassy or edgy side! 



Hair & Makeup


If you color your hair, make sure that you get it redone a couple of weeks before your session. You won’t want overgrown roots showing up in your photos. Arrive at your session with your hair already done. Most girls choose to wear their hair down, but wear it however makes you feel most comfortable. Don’t worry, we will fix and adjust your hair during your session so that you’ll look great the whole time.


Don’t freak out if you breakout before your session. That’s what retouching is for, and at Vision, retouch is ALWAYS included so there are no hidden fees. Just wear your normal face make up and blush and you’re good to go. 


If we had to say, the single most important thing about your makeup is to put on your mascara carefully. Try as best you can to avoid those clumpy spider eyelashes. For eye shadow, wear your favorite colors, but don’t over do it. Too much eyeliner or color can make your big beautiful eyes look small


Lipstick, oddly enough, is not something a lot of our girls think to wear, but it can add a lot of personality to your photo. Next time you are at the mall, stop by the MAC counter and have them recommend a few shades and lip liners that would work best on you.

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