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~Clothing Tips~

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start thinking about clothing for your family portraits. Mom-I’m sure you are already freaking about how you are going to get everyone in trendy, but classic, not too matchy, but matchy enough look…Ahhh the stress! Well don’t worry, we are here to help!



Gone are the days of matching white T’s and jeans- don’t be afraid to add a little color to your look. Color is a great way to let all your family member’s personalities shine through. Be careful though, too much color and you will turn into a bag of skittles. Start with a color scheme of around 3-4 colors mixing in some neutrals with some brighter, richer colors as well. Keep in mind the colors you decorate with or tend to gravitate towards naturally; if you plan on putting pictures up in your home, you want to coordinate with your decor.

Colors that photograph well: Blues, browns, greens & teals, burgundies & reds, oranges & yellows, purples – jewel tones!! And as always, mix in a few neutrals.



Patterns are our friends! I know it can be scary, but we promise you won’t regret it. Similar to using color, a little can go a long way, make sure to only have one or two family members wearing a pattern as to avoid visual overload. Too many patterns and we won’t know where to look in the photo, but with the right combo of color, pattern, and texture you will achieve family portrait perfection. And the best part: your family will actually look like your family, and not an army in uniform! Try to avoid anything with a graphic or logo, we want these photos to be timeless, so when in doubt go with a more classic look

Patterns that work: Horizontal stripes, argyle, polka dots, floral, check, hounds tooth, and for our spunky families (you know who you are) animal print and tribal.

Textures are your friends too, especially: lace, knit, and denim.




We love when you show off your style, and accessories are the perfect way to do it! Some of our favorites include: jackets, scarfs, belts, hats, boots, headbands, statement jewelry, and of course our favorite accessory of all – your cute doggie :).




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